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Industrial: Commercial Kitchens, Warehouses, Etc.

Our team is properly insured, trained, and qualified to offer the best complete deep cleaning service to restaurants and commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchen deep cleaning  can be broken down into a number of categories, which are all equally important if you want to maintain required hygiene levels.


We offer every service that you could need, including:

  • Commercial oven cleaning

  • Grease trap and dumpster area cleaning

  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning

  • Vent hood filter cleaning

  • Grease removal from kitchen floors and lobby areas

Janitorial Services: Office Buildings, Hotels, Churches, Etc.

Our dedicated and highly trained staff will make a marked difference in the cleanliness of your property. We handle the cleaning for you in every area including your front lobby, guest and employee restrooms, back of house/service hallways, kitchens, restaurants, spas, etc. 

We take pride in the details and provide all the professionalism and experience required to maintain your property.

Construction Cleaning: Progress & Final

RCS is a leading provider for construction cleaning services.  We are committed to providing construction site cleaning that exceeds the industry standard. Our construction cleaning services include final cleaning, day labor resources, and construction site progress cleaning. We have years of experience working closely with architects, construction personnel, and end-user staff to complete final construction cleanup quickly and efficiently. 

We are aware of the importance of communication and coordination between all parties. 

Our main focus is cleaning to remove dirt, dust, and debris from areas such as:

  • Sliding glass doors, frames, and tracks

  • Bathroom tubs, shower, tile walls, vanity, sinks, and toilets

  • Kitchen cabinets, counter tops, appliances, sinks, and flooring

  • All mirrors

  • All doors and woodwork

  • All floors

  • All balconies

  • All walls

Power Washing

Whether you need the exterior of your house or business cleaned, we have the required skills and equipment to get this job done right. At Ruston Cleaning Services, we understand that making a good first impression on your customers is sometimes the key to keeping them.

We power wash the following: 

  • Concrete

  • Buildings

  • Parking lots

  • Sidewalks

  • Garages & storage areas

Windows: Interior & Exterior

We provide interior and exterior window cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers.
Per the customers request, we also provide detail cleaning for windows sills and tracks, as well as exterior window screens with a complete wipe down of frames. We use commercial window cleaning tools, such as a water-fed pole system, to clean exterior windows and window frames up to 15 feet from the ground.

Events: Games, Weddings, Picnics, Concerts, Fairs, etc.

Planning and hosting an event is a complex task.
Our cleaning professionals will provide a quick cleanup to ensure that the event space can return to normal use in the shortest time possible. 
We have the ability to provide event cleaning services for small, medium and large scale events. We can do cleaning before, after, or even during the event. 

Our event cleaning services include:

  • Venue deep cleans

  • Toilet and washroom cleaning

  • Emptying and sanitizing trash and recycling bins

  • Trash pickup

  • Floor cleaning (mopping, sweeping, polishing and/or buffing)

  • Carpet cleaning (vacuum, dry method, extraction, steam, and bonnet)

  • Kitchen and concessions cleaning

  • Removal and disposal of refuse from the event site

  • Standing water removal

  • Seat cleaning

  • Spill response

  • Road sweeping services

Commercial Floor Care

The cleanliness and appearance of your floors reflects directly on your business. Our job is to help ensure they continue to look great year around. From carpets to hardwood and all other walks of flooring, we have the ability to maintain your floors appearance.

We clean various flooring types such as :

  • Carpet

  • Area Rugs

  • Hardwood floors

  • Tile & Grout

  • Hard surface floors

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